Volume 1 (1956), Number 2


The Bulletin of the South African Spelaeological Association

(Cape Section)

Volume One

Number Two

April 1956


Socials and Meets in Retrospect pg 1
Forthcoming Socials pg 1
Bibliography: Part Two – Section One: Archaeology and Palaeontology pg 2
The Forerunner, a memoir on the late Mr J.G. Meyer by J.C.W. Moore. pg 3
Forthcoming Trips. pg 4
Book Review; "The Caves Beyond" pg 4
Illustrations: Mr. J.G. Meyer pg 5
Illustrations: Smugglers, June '56 pg 5
Office-Bearers and Committee Members for 1955 – 56 pg 6
Cave Fauna: No 1. The Habitat. by J.R. Grindley, B.Sc pg 7
Rabid Bats. pg 9
Cave Disease. pg 9
Caves of the Cape: No 2: New Caves in the Muizenberg Mountains pg 10
Locality Sketch Maps for the above. pg 11

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